Schola – User-Friendly Software from Digital Security Systems in the UAE

Digital Security System -  Schola User-Friendly Software

In the UAE they use International Education system because there are a number of international schools, colleges and universities. Still, parents are not satisfied with the education system not because of the quality of education but with the standards of schools. As for the names of schools, the parents expects a high demand for schools but when they do not get the system of school up to their expectations then they greatly get disappointed. For the solution of this problem, Digital Security Systems introduces a user-friendly software known as Schola. This software is already being used by many other countries and now it is available In UAE as well.

Advantages of Schola for Schools

This software creates an environment of trust between parents and school authority. You can increase the standard of your school by using Schola. We have introduced this software in Dubai to make a better education system over here. Schola is a famous application to be used by you if you run a school or college in UAE. This software features,

  • Student Information
  • Parents access
  • Reports
  • Teacher information
  • Attendance
  • Graph
  • Admissions
  • Homework
  • Results and Report Cards
  • Online payments
  • Exam control
  • Advance Library
  • Hostels information
  • Transportation routes and information
  • Reception

These are the common features of using this software for your school, still, it has many other advanced features which can make your school administration more reliable. As you know that this is the age of technology then why to use those old methods to keep your records when you can have this amazing software for your school. It does not matter that whether your school is large or small or what is the rank of your school in UAE this software will always be helpful for you and it can keep your records for many decades. This part of the land is an example of modern technology and people are living a life full of luxuries so it is obvious they would like to send their children to the best institutes in the city. This software will make the parents trust you.

With the help of this software you can keep all the records of each and every student of your institute, like the picture, parents contact numbers and other particular details related to the students of your school. Including this you can assign the task and schedule to the teachers of your institute as well, moreover, you can get the daily teacher’s activities as well. Including this, you can keep the parents updated on the daily activities of their children as well so that you can build comfort and trust level between you and parents.

The best advantage of this software is this that now teachers can have attendance from it as well and this daily attendance will be updated in school records. Now the teachers do not have to do all that paperwork to keep the records of the attendance and students. With this modern technology in your hand managing a school becomes very easy.