Digital Security Systems – Certified Polo CRM in the UAE

Digital Security Systems – Certified Polo CRM in the UAE

Polo CRM is a simple yet great tool for any organization. From the small businesses to the enterprise businesses, Polo CRM can help you to manage everything for your business. Every business requires the automation of everything like the contact management, marketing reports, communications, task management, and events management. Whatever you need will be there in your Polo CRM and Digital Security Systems is proudly providing this software to their clients in the UAE.

What are the Features of Polo CRM?

If you are a small business, then there are a lot of benefits for having a great Polo CRM software. The benefits of having polo CRM are

  • Complete view of your sales
  • Make smart plans to sell your products and services
  • Complete management of calendars and events
  • Control everything from your dashboard like your performances
  • Complete access from the mobile

These features are enough to let you understand how much help this software can do for your business. You can monitor every kind of performance of your business, communications with the clients, the events, etc. Many of the features are

  • Insert every activity in the calendar that will ultimately help you to organize every task
  • You can set popup reminder to tell you about the upcoming task
  • Use the application to send emails to your clients directly
  • Every report is visible. View your customers report, invoices, incomes only at one click

These features allow every single business to maximize the efficiency of the business. Including that, polo CRM also provides the automatic functions like the lead generation and collection, opportunities management process, quotes and estimations, and invoices. All these functions are controlled so easily that you can even control them from your mobile device.

How it automates every Task

As this software provides complete automation, you need to understand how polo CRM do it. If we talk about the lead generation, polo CRM use the advantage of web forums and directories to collect leads according to the type of business. It will help you to gather as many leads as it can and will send emails automatically to every collected lead. The opportunity management process is the next automatic feature. Polo CRM will manage the opportunity process to handle every customer who wants to avail your product or services. Everything will be on automation by the algorithm of artificial intelligence.

Similarly, the quotes and estimation feature will provide you with the best quotes and estimations by analyzing the market of your business. These estimations can help you and your clients to understand every upcoming possibility. In the end, the invoice will be generated from one page. You can generate the invoice and email it by a single click.

Do it Digital Security System’s Way

We are the sole dealer of Polo CRM software and we provide the complete consultancy of this software. We have certified distribution and we can get you any kind of help regarding Polo CRM. We provide the training and complete solution for this software. As we are UAE based company, our services circle only includes businesses in the UAE. Offering the best service in the whole region is what we do.