One of the Best Access Control Systems in the UAE

Access control devices are the best way to get the most secure system in your building. Digital Security Systems provides you this elite kind of security that will ultimately help you protect the premises and the inside of your building. Access control system helps to protect your important space by installing a device that will need one of many kinds of personal authentication like thumb impression. Designing an access control system is never an easy thing, but Digital System Security has already some great experience in this field and many satisfied customers.

How the Access Control Devices Work

Digital Security System -  Access Control Systems

The procedure and understanding of access control devices and the system is not difficult. There are commonly three major parts of this system

  • Personal Credentials
  • Reader for those credentials
  • Control Panel

If you want this system to work, you will be needing one personal credential. It can be a key, a PIN, thumb impression, your hand, eyes, or even voice. These personal credentials are installed in the main processing unit which is generally called as the control panel. Once a personal credential is assigned to a person, a reader is needed to read those provided credentials. This reader matches the information with the information that is saved in control panel. If the information matches, green LED turns on, if there is no match, an alarm start ringing and a red LED turns on.

What we Offer

We provide our services to the local businesses in the UAE. Digital Security Systems provides many kinds of access control devices for every kind of security system that you want to install in your building or offices. The range is enlisted as

  • Access Card which is known as the electronic key
  • Card readers that reads cards which contain the personal credentials
  • Access Control Keypads are same like readers but they have numeric keys instead of a reader
  • Access Control Intelligent Controllers
  • Electric Hardware lock
  • Access Control System through Servers

By having this kind of access control systems, you can control everything that you will be needing to protect. For the crucial protection, you need to install access control devices which are controlled through your voice or face features and we have that kind of devices on our list too.

Secure Yourself Today

As every bit of your business is important, you should start planning to hire Digital Security System. We provide complete consultancy from the start to the end of the work. We will visit the building, collect every information regarding your office security and make an access control plan for you. We provide the complete hardware and software solution so it will be our responsibility to take care of everything till the work is done. It will be wise to contact us as soon as possible because securing yourself should be the first priority for you.