Top Three Reasons Why Sushi Is Worth Every Penny

Sushi is almost everyone’s favorite food item, and some people just cannot get enough of it. However, there are many things that stop me to eat it on a regular basis i.e. the price itself. Perhaps it is my inner self that wants to enjoy cheap sushi Dubai. A wide variety of food items such as burritos, cake, pies, and burgers, have been mixed, reshaped, and renamed with sushi to give a different taste. However, the best combination of hands down for sushi is fish, rice, and seaweed that enhances the deliciousness like no other. Here are the top 3 reasons why sushi is worth every penny.

Cheap Sushi Dubai


Looking for cheap sushi restaurant in Dubai? Just like other cuisines, there are so many places to buy and eat sushi. However, there are only a few places where you can get sushi within a budget. The prices of sushi vary from country to country, and the costs continue to fluctuate. According to the Sushi omics Index, in 2017, the steepest price hike for sushi was seen in Washington DC, Florida, and Silicon Valley. On the other hand, the most expensive basic sushi roll (comprising of 6 pieces) was averagely priced at $8.72.

Seafood Prices

Seafood prices throughout the world are on the rise, except Japan, where sushi is prepared with local fish. For those countries that import fish for Sushi from Japan, the process itself is a more expensive one as compared to local fish.

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Its In-Demand

The reason why sushi is an expensive item anywhere in the world because it is permissible by the market itself. There are so many justifications given by the people regarding the price hike of sushi, however, the major reason for the price hike of sushi is because of people themselves. They are the ones who love sushi so much that they can buy it at any price regardless, how expensive it gets. There are so many forms of sushi available in the markets, including Tempura Rolls, Nigiri, Sashimi, Maki, Uramaki, and Temaki.

Since Sushi was introduced in 1970, it took the world by storm and today it is something that people cannot afford to avoid.

Sushi Burritos is one of the newest and most modern forms of sushi that helps people in cravings satisfaction. Their prices range between $8 to $15 and are an affordable choice. On the other hand, Poke bowls are deconstructed sushi range between prices of $8-$15+. In short, Sushi is known for its delicious taste, however, it is mostly out of budget. However, this does not mean that cheap sushi is not available, all you need to do is to look how much can you afford.