All You Need to Know About Accelera Tyres

Accelera tyres ensure safety, high performance, and style. What makes Accelera tyres special is the balance the company has found between tread and rubber while manufacturing the tires. This winning blend exponentially enhances performance, eliminating the need to choose between traction and tread when selecting a new tire. Despite being known for making tires that can be used in all types of motor vehicles, Accelera’s area of expertise is the high-performance car. The tires are perfect for use in high performance or ultra-high-performance cars that are driven by experienced drivers. 

Why Choose Accelera Tires?

Accelera tires are stylishly designed to provide maximum protection and comfort, while simultaneously ensuring prolonged tread life. Accelera tires are specifically designed for the driver that cares about the technology that goes into making the tire. These tires are safe, are high performing, and they look good.

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How Are Accelera Tires Made?

The body ply, the inner liner, the beading, and the sidewall all comprise the tire casing. The body ply is made from a sturdy polymer that offers resistance to damage. The inner liner serves as a seal against air and is made from rubber. The beading in turn is made from fine steels wires that are intertwined to form a mesh like structure. The gaps in the steel are filled with more rubber. And finally, the sidewall is made using a specialized rubber, so there is flexibility and weather resistance in the tires.

The casing is covered by the belt system. Steel is used here. The belt acts as a connection between the casing and the tread above. The belt system also provides the treads with stability.

Finally, above it all is the treads that can be seen on the surface. Different tires have different types of treads depending on type of tire and requirement. Treads contribute to grip and traction of the tires and are very essential.

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Technology Used in Accelera Tires

Tire manufacturing is a complicated and arduous process. It requires many different types of state-of-the-art machinery and proprietary processes. Accelera tires are manufactured in Indonesia.  Modern, custom technology is used by Accelera. The tires are designed specifically enhanced performance and safety in mind. Accelera tires are highly durable, provide precise handling, and excellent traction. All without the smallest compromise to the life of the treads and the tires. These tires provide both tire life, and performance; eliminating the need to sacrifice one for the other.

A special silica compound is used in these tires to achieve superior grip. This added grip will come in handy when driving through wet areas at high speeds. Accelera tires are also designed to reduce noise pollution and to minimize the release of carbon dioxide due to the friction. Accelera tires are very environmentally friendly. The design of the tire is optimal for driving even on uneven roads. 

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