The Outskirts of the Dubai City Lies a Hidden Fun Haven

Desert Experience in Dubai

Have you ever wondered what lies outside the city of Dubai? Through the Arooha desert experience in Dubai, you can find out exactly that. Outside the city is nothing but a sea of sand and fun. You get to see a side of Dubai that you never thought existed. It is one of the finest ways to have fun in Dubai. Here you get to do fun things like dune bashing, which is only possible in a few other places worldwide. Dubai has some of the finest dunes, which means you can have as much fun as you want.

An Awesome Desert Experience

Your fun starts with a pickup from wherever you are in Dubai. The desert experience in Dubai begins with a driver in a 4X4 SUV who picks you up from your location at the agreed upon time. You will head out to the desert where the fun begins. One of the things you can do while in the desert is dune bashing. This is where you ride giant dunes of sand for fun. The experience feels a lot like take a boat ride but on land. The experience is hard to replicate anywhere else. Our drivers know how to pick the perfect route to ensure that you have as much fun possible. During the desert tour, you will also have a photo session. The driver picks a scenic location so that you can spend some time taking awesome photos. It means you can have great memories of your tour out in the desert.

Another option when you use Aroha Tours is camping. You will be driven to a campsite in the middle of the desert. At the camp, there are many activities in which to engage. For instance, you can opt to take a camel ride across the desert, just as the Bedouin have done over the ages. It is an awesome way to experience the traditions of the local Emirati. You can also experience some belly dancing and much more.

Unbeatable offers

The best part about Arooha Tours is that the prices are quite reasonable. The entire trip will only cost you a few hundred AED depending on the package you. Various packages are designed for various people and needs. Whether you want a few hours in the desert or you wish to spend the whole night under the stars, you can find a package that meets your needs.

Another way to spend time in the desert is by riding a dune buggy. This comfy little machine lets you experience the desert as the wind rushes through your scalp. A guide will show you how to safely operate the machine for the most amount of fun. You will also be shown which route to use so that you can maximize the fun. During the tour, you will always be provided with water and other refreshments. Riding in the desert can leave you feeling thirsty.

Have you always wanted to visit the desert? Our desert experience in Dubai can leave you feeling relaxed and ready to face any challenge head-on. Try it yourself.