Comparison: BMW 7 Series vs BMW 5 Series

There is no arguing with the fact that BMW is one of the most prolific German car manufacturers. This can be attributed to the simple fact that they manufacture cars which may look similar but have different capabilities and are sold at different prices. One such duo is the 5-series and the 7-series. You may consider the latter as the big brother to the former. Though they might look similar, the two cars have different attributes that make each of them unique. The most obvious difference is the price gap with the 7-series being the most expensive of the two. Let’s see what makes each of them unique.

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The Engine

The BMW 5 Series comes in two models, the 530i and the 540i. The latter comes fitted with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine with 335hp while the former comes with a four-cylinder, 248hp engine. For the 7-series, you can choose one of four engines with the 3 litres, 320hp being the smallest. The most powerful being the M760i that comes with a V12, 601hp engine.

The Interior

The 5-series comes with an above-average luxurious interior with some essential features including dual-zone automatic climate control, adjustable power seats and a sunroof among others. You may also opt to get one with heated massage seats at an additional fee. The 7-series, on the other hand, comes with massaging front and rear seats and four-zone automatic climate control among others.

High-Tech Features

The high-tech features in the 5-series are so many including some standard features and also add-ons you can request for in your car. Some of the notable ones include a 10.2-inch screen display, voice control and an incredible sound system. The 7-series, on the other hand, comes with an unmatched rear entertainment system with a tablet in the rear used to control some of the systems in the car including climate control.

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The Price and Comfort

The price of these cars also differs. From the features of the different models, you can easily come to the conclusion that the 7-series is the most expensive of the two. Though the two cars are equally comfortable, the 7-series is better for someone who prefers being chauffeured because the specs of the vehicle will be enjoyed better when sitting the rear. You can rent a BMW in Dubai and find out which one suits you best.