Chevrolet Spark – the Standout Budget Car for Long-Term Rentals

It’s very easy to move through Dubai. Now you can get the Chevrolet Spark just from 1299 AED per month: a reasonable price for the perfect ride. This hatchback comes with 5 seats and also encompasses various features that make it the ideal rental car. It is the perfect vehicle for a small family. It is also ideal for a small group of friends who want are looking to travel through Dubai together and have fun.

Chevrolet Spark

Benefits of Hiring a Chevrolet Spark

If you are in the UAE, you can get a Chevy Spark for very friendly monthly rates. The price is ideal for those who plan to spend a month or more in Dubai. You may also hire this vehicle for six months and more if you plan to be in Dubai for a while. It is the perfect way to avoid having to spend money on cabs and public transport. We all know the price of public transport and cabs cumulatively will surpass the amount of money you use on fuel. Secondly, a well-maintained rental vehicle will ensure that the possibility of the car breaking down is reduced to the minimum. In case of any issue, the rental company should always have customer support readily available to assist you.

This hatchback comes in various colors. If you book early, you might be able to get it in the color of your choice. One reason why many people love is the safety it provides. Although it is built to accommodate up to five people, it is fitted with 10 airbags. As a result, you can be sure that you are safe in case anything happens. It has many other comfort features that make the ride as fun as possible, ensuring maximum comfort when you are in Dubai.

How to Deal with a Rental Company

If this is your first time in Dubai, you may need to use a GPS system. This additional feature is offered to clients so as to help them easily navigate through the city. As a result, not a moment of your visit to Dubai is spent trying to find your route. A bonus feature of the car is the rear-view camera. This can be quite useful when parking in a crowded parking lot. A reading light can also be fitted in the car.

Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

The process of hiring a monthly car rental in Dubai is quite easy. All that is needed from you is proof that you are 22 years and above. You also need a copy of the passport and visa. If you live in the Emirates, you will need to provide a copy of your ID. The process of making payments to car rental companies is also quite efficient; you may not need to show up to any offices. Payment processing may be done online via a credit card. If you book the Chevrolet Spark just from 1299 AED per month early, you might even get a discount.